1. About VanillaGaming
      What do we, VanillaGaming offer?
      And everything for free?
      VanillaGaming compared to other projects

2. Basic rules
      An Overview
      Common Sense
      Game Rules and Fair gameplay
      Player Interactions and Chat rules

3. Realm Information
      What kind of realn does VanillaGaming offer?
4. Game Information
      What is Wow
      What is Vanilla Wow
5. Support
      The ticketing system

6. TLDR: Most common questions and answers
      General Questions

About VanillaGaming

What is VanillaGaming?

VanillaGaming is a World of Warcraft server project and the oldest still existing classic server. With almost 5 years of experience we can offer you the feeling of the original World of Warcraft as it was back in the days of Patch 1.12. With the same main developer over all those years we have a hudge knowledge about how to script (and sometimes even show so with new Wings :P )

And everything for free?

Playing on VanillaGaming is free of any payment.

However if you want to help us run this server, feel free to click on the Donate button.

VanillaGaming compared to other projects

Vanilla Gaming is such a cozy place to which one can return to again and again.
Compared to other projects, we are a place where everyone knows everyone, we treat each other kindly. Almost like a great family.
For years, we are the home of the same playerbase, that welcomes this special environment.
We offer a multinational and rich community, that's open for newcomers!
Come with us, become part of the family and have a lot of fun!
Welcome to Vanilla Gaming!

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Basic Rules

An full overview

The complete list of the current rules can be found here: Forum and Game Rules
Please check them regularly and especially when a member of the staff marks them as updated.

Common Sense

All rules created, are based on years of social and community interaction and management experience. Above all, they are based on common sense and we will always ask our members to use it!

Game Rules and Fair gameplay

The staff takes great effort in maintaining a pleasant, fair and authentic World of Warcraft environment for every member.
Every member of the VanillaGaming community accepted our rules and terms of serviceby creating an account. Please be aware, our rules may be different from retail rules in some cases.


      The use of 3rd party software/cheat engines designed to alter/cheat the blizzlike gameplay as intended is strictly forbidden.
      Players who are caught using any kind of hack will be permanently removed from our community without any form of discussion. The ban is non-appealable.
      First offense : Permanent Ban !
      We do not support any kinds of hackers or cheaters, so they will be banned on the spot.


      An exploit, in video games, is the use of a bug or design flaw by a player to their advantage in
      a manner not intended by the games designers. The existence of a bug never grants permission for
      players to exploit it, neither will the presence of a bug ever justify its (ab)use.
      First offense : Warning
      Second offense : 5 day ban
      Third offense : Permanent Ban

For more and detailed information, please visit our Forum and Game Rules

Chat and Forum rules

Like most World of Warcraft private servers we have a world-channel, make sure to /join world ! The World chat is available for players of level 10 and above.

This is strictly forbidden

     Write only in English on Worldchat

      The community is an international one and we want every member to understand each other.

     We are a blizzlike server; we want to grant that expierience to all of our players.

       So play and behave within the blizzlike borders, please.


      VanillaGaming welcomes all members, regardless of gender, orientation, race, color,
      (ethnic) origin, nationality, religion, beliefs or political opinions.


      Do not fight your (personal) fights out in public.

     Do not advertise

      Respect our work as we respect others.

For more and detailed information and explanations, you can read all rules in the Forum and Game Rules

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Realm Information

What kind of realm does VanillaGaming offer?

The aim of VanillaGaming os to bring a nostalgic game experience of the classic World of Warcraft.

     Basic information:

      Choose between 1x leveling (like it used to be back in the days), OR
      highrate 15x leveling by ingame command .setxprate 1 or .setxprate 15
      Always Stable, Never Lagging or Hanging Server.
      Balanced Donation and Voting rewards.
      Drop rates 1x, Gold 2x to keep up with leveling, but still not breaking the Endgame economy, Reputation rate is blizzlike (1x)


      Player versus Environment

      Blizzlike Scripted Raids and Instances up to Naxxramas.
      Blizzlike scripting
      Pathfinding Enabled
      Most of all Quests working Blizzlike.
      Working Charge, with pathfinding. Working Blink


      Player versus Player

      Working Battlegrounds and World PvP hotspots.
      Blizzlike Vanilla Honor System
      Blizzlike Vanilla Honor System

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Game Information

What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a massive(ly) multiplayer online role-playing game (called MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe.

What is Vanilla/Classic World of Warcraft?

Vanilla World of Warcraft refers to the original World of Warcraft, without any of the later expansions. The game was released on November 23, 2004 in America and in early 2005 in Europe.

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VanillaGaming Game Masters, or GMs, are our beloved volunteers. GMs are the overseers of the game world and watch over the server to solve problems, disputes, and sometimes punish people disobeying the Game Rules VanillaGaming has.

Game Masters are never to be used for help with quests, asking for gold, gear or easy teleport. Neither should they be confused with Developers.

The Ticketing System

The ticket system as present, has been implemented for players to receive service and help. We use the ticket system to assist members with in game issues on a voluntary base; Our Game Masters are in game twenty-four-seven to give members assistance when needed.

Please note: If your ticket does not show after you submitted it it is only a visual error, your ticket is there and will soon be answered. For more information regarding Tickets and Ticket rules, please visit our Ticket Rules

Issues and Bugs

If you encounter any issue in game, caused by a missing functionality or a coding error, also referd to as "bug", we encourage all members to submit a report about it in our forum. Before submitting any report, be sure to have read our guidelines

      Bug report template

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TL;DR: Most common questions and answers

General Questions

Q: Many Servers shut down after a while! Will I waste my time on VanillaGaming too?

A:  No, you won't! VanillaGaming is active for years already. We have proven to be a stable and long term
      project: We have been, and will be around for a long, long time.

Q: I Don't know how to obtain this item / complete this quest / learn this spell, etc ; please gamemaster, tell me!

A:  Generally we do not refund items lost in such manner.
      (unless quest item of which previous existence can be verified by looking up players completed quests with a command)
      (go to wowwiki, open the selections of the "edit page" button, click history, and scroll to the latest 1.12.1 revision (usually end of 2006)

Q: The server crashed / restarted and i lost my item(s) / gold! Please Gamemaster, help me i don't know what to do!

A:  Yes, the ticketing system works fine. The sign in the top right corner disappearing is only a visual bug.
      The ticket you submitted got through for sure. Every time you submit another ticket, the previous one gets replaced.
      Make sure to press Alt and f4 to ensure an item/amount of gold of high value to you is saved on the server.

Q: I keep calling for Gamemaster to help me on the world chat but i receive no help! What should i do?

A:  You shouldn't call out for a Gamemaster on world chat, as they generally do not respond to such calls.
      Instead write a ticket,
      by clicking the support button which is red question mark within in-game ui bar, and selecting any random issue within and choosing to page an ingame moderator.

Q: Every time I submit a ticket, the sign in the top right corner disappears after a while. Does the ticketing system even work ?

A:  Yes, the ticketing system works fine. The sign in the top right corner disappearing is only a visual bug.
      The ticket you submitted got through for sure. Every time you submit another ticket, the previous one gets replaced.
      So don't expect us to know what your previous ticket was if you have replaced it with a new one.

Q: My weapon skill doesn't increase and I've been hitting NPCs for hours. What do I do ?

A:  You probably are fighting against the wrong NPCs. Your weapon skill will increase if you fight against NPCs around your level.

Q: I sold an item on the Auction House and I still haven't received the gold. Is is bugged ?

A:  No, it's not bugged. After every successful auction it takes up to 1 hour for the payment to arrive via mail.

Q: I'm a dwarf priest and I can't get my Fear Ward.

A:  You're a dwarf. You're main capital is Ironforge. You have no business in Stormwind.

Q: I accidentally pressed need on an item and won / The raid leader gave the item to the wrong player.

A:  No, sorry. According server rules we are not allowed to assist these issues.

Q: I can't get my level 10 class quest. Is this a bug ?

A:  You're a level 10 dwarf. What are you doing in Ironforge, go back to the first city!