VanillaGaming is the Oldest World of Warcraft Classic patch 1.12.1 server, formed 2009


- Blizzlike Scripted Raids and Instances up to Naxxramas.

- Blizzlike Vanilla Honor System 

- Working Battlegrounds and World PvP hotspots. 

- Working Pathfinding , This means Mobs / Pets run on strict paths instead of running through walls as usually on private servers.( By this we do not mean the normal LOS(vmaps) this is a separate system powered by RecastNavigation)  

- Most of all Quests working Blizzlike.    

- Working Charge, With pathfinding.  

- Working Blink.

- Most of all Spells and Talents working Blizzlike.  

- Rich and Friendly Community built by many "to the spirit and to the blood" VanillaGamers who have been here since start.  

- Active Forums.  

- Always Stable, Never Lagging or Hanging Server.  

- Balanced Donation (max tier 1) and Voting rewards (no gear for voting).  

- Dedicated Server with: E3-1245 v5 @ 3.5Ghz, 32 GB ECC Ram 2x 256 GB SSD, 3 x 1Gb/s Redundant internet connections  

- Balanced Rates , experience rate changeable by the player with ingame command to either 1x or 15x, just type .setxprate 1 or .setxprate 15! Drop rates 1x, Gold 1x , Reputation rate is blizzlike (1x), professions 2x.

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